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Bryn Llewellyn

Distinguished Product Manager

Database Server Technologies Division, Oracle HQ 


Bryn has worked in the software field for more than 30 years. He joined Oracle UK in 1990, at the European Development Center, to work in the Oracle Designer team. He transferred to the Oracle Text team and then into Consulting as the Text specialist for Europe. He relocated to Redwood Shores in 1996 to join the Oracle Text Technical Marketing Group. He has been the Product Manager for PL/SQL since 2001. In 2005, he took on the additional product management responsibility for the Oracle Database capabilities that support online application upgrade. (The main one of these is called edition-based redefinition – EBR for short.) He has recently taken on yet another area: brand-new technology for database consolidation.

It's hard for Bryn to remember his life before Oracle. He started off doing image analysis and pattern recognition at Oxford University (programming in FORTRAN) and then worked in Oslo, first at the Norwegian Computing Center and then and in a startup. In Norway, Bryn programmed in Simula (its inventors were his close colleagues). This language is recognized the first object-oriented programming language and was the inspiration for Smalltalk and C++."